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Bye Bye Odor® is a natural non-toxic microbial solution especially formulated to substantially reduce or eliminate the ammonia levels from animal urine as well as manure odors. Bye Bye Odor consumes the organics causing the smell and the ammonia, unlike other products that simply soak up urine for removal or try to capture the ammonia vapors.

Bye Bye Odor Facts:

  1. All Natural
  2. Non Toxic
  3. A Smell Clean Up, Not a Cover Up
  4. Indoor And Outdoor Use

Horse owners love “barn smells.” Leather, shavings, liniment, hay, tack, that sweet horse smell … it is all part of barn life. Most people accept the smell of ammonia as just part of the deal. Eliminate that smell and you will come to appreciate all those “good” smells more and no longer be willing to tolerate the bad ones.

The inflammation caused by even low levels of ammonia from the breakdown of urine can impact a horse’s health and performance, even cause severe respiratory problems. Yet the danger of ammonia is under appreciated by most horse owners. It’s just that “stall smell” we’ve gotten use to.

However we aren’t in the stall or trailer for many hours every day and our noses are 5-6 feet above the surface. Ammonia is heavier than air so it’s near ground level, closer to where your horse’s nostrils are.

To appreciate how bad it might be in your barn, kneel down and take a whiff. Many owners are shocked to find out what their horses have to endure. We’ve measured stalls at 120 ppm ammonia (cleaned only two days earlier) yet the owner didn’t think their stalls smelled bad (the EPA/OSH limit for humans is 25-50ppm). After an application of Bye Bye Odor, 24 hours later the ammonia levels were reduced to 10-15 ppm. Try Bye Bye Odor now.


Clean stalls as you normally do then spray a mist of Bye Bye Odor every day on the wet spots. It’s quick and easy. Around horses the most popular Bye Bye Odor is the concentrate that is diluted with water before use. Simply pour 4 oz into a clean 2-3 gallon garden-type pump up sprayer and add tap water.

Cost Effective

One 4 oz bottle of Bye Bye Odor Concentrate costing $19.95 will treat 5 horse stalls or a 30 dog kennel for one month. It will also refill a 32 oz. spray bottle eight times. For larger facilities a 32 oz. bottle is available for $119.95 that makes 20 gallons and will treat a 40 horse barn for one month.

The Pros Know What A Difference It Makes

The host of the award-winning web series HorseGirlTV® and Grand Prix dressage rider, Angelea Walkup, knows how important performance is both behind the camera and in sandbox. With her farm and production facility located rather remotely in Eastern North Carolina, Angelea would travel several hours for top sport farrier work. This was a day long process every 6 weeks. Once she began spritzing Bye Bye Odor in her trailer on urine spots, the turnaround trip was both pleasant and relaxing for her horse with zero strong ammonia smell and virtually fly free.

Bye Bye Odor is Also Great For: Stalls, Trailers, Pens, Saddle Blankets, Kennels, Dog Beds, Cages, Sweaty Laundry, Cat Litter Boxes, and More!

The microbes used in Bye Bye Odor are effective against manure, urine, perspiration and many other funky smells other than skunk. Customers are finding uses that we never imagined. Many with live in horse trailers use it in the black water tank of their live-in trailer as well as the back where the horses are. Others have used it for sweaty gym clothes and shoes, musty closets, around toilets, truck floor mats, carpets, furniture, kitty litter boxes and more.

Here is what one customer had to say about it. “I decided to try that Bye Bye Odor on a dog bed. The dog had rolled in quail manure fertilizer (yuk) and I have been trying for over a month to get the smell out. I have washed it numerous times, and even washed it in pine sol. Yesterday, I sprayed that on it and it smells like a fresh new bed. That stuff is pretty amazing. I am definitely keeping that on hand.” Marte W.

The following is an customer (its also available there) comment on Bye Bye Odor. This REALLY works. I have horses and once we started using this in the barn there was a HUGE difference in the freshness of the air. The ammonia from soiled bedding and matts is horrible for humans and animals. Bye Bye Odor gets rid of the smell and leaves a nice fresh scent, not perfumey or flowery, just fresh. I have used it in the house if one of the dogs has an accident too. I spray the whole barn down with it after mucking,…tools, buckets, floors…everything! Once you start using it, you won’t tolerate “barn odor” anymore. It’s safe for composting too, actually helps the process. I suggest getting the 32oz Ready to use the first time to try it out. But I now use the 32oz concentrate, mix it in a gallon hand sprayer, and it lasts about a month and a half for our 12 stall barn.

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Smart Tip:
Flies have a tremendous sense of smell. If you ever wondered why there are more in your barn than elsewhere, it’s likely BO, barn odor. Use Bye Bye Odor to eliminate harmful ammonia and barn odor. Let the flies find someone else’s stinky barn instead.