Can I avoid any potential side effects from pesticides? How and is it easy?

Prevent Flies With Fly Predators

Easy-to-use, just sprinkle Fly Predators from the convenient pouch they come in near all manure areas. It just takes a few minutes and you’ve done your fly control for the month.

Fly Predators break the fly’s life cycle. The hard working Fly Predator moms find and kill roughly 75 pest fly pupae before they hatch. Every female pest fly that doesn’t make it means potentially up to 900 fewer bothersome flies. They do the work, you enjoy a lack of buzzing flies and swishing tails.

Quick and Easy-To-Use

Every three to four weeks during warm months you will automatically receive a Fly Predator shipment. After they begin hatching spend a few minutes sprinkling them where flies reproduce. These are places there is (or was) fresh manure or other rotting organic matter like spoiled hay or grass clippings. Just getting close to these areas is good enough since Fly Predators travel 150 feet. If your horses are pastured, put the Fly Predators out near their “favorite” potty spots as well as near the manure pile, corrals and barn area. No property is too big for Fly Predators.

“Two farms with adjoining property lines showed a dramatic difference. The horses were actually a “crow’s mile” apart, but the ones with the Fly Predators defending them had hardly a fly problem all summer, while the other horses were standing in the darkest part of their stall, stomping and swishing their tails.”

All Natural: No Pesticides, No Larvaicides, No Worry

Using Fly Predators avoids any potential side effects from pesticides. Just reading the warning label on almost any fly spray is perhaps the best advertisement for natural, organic Fly Predators. Heed those warnings as you want to avoid dosing yourself while spraying your horse.

By contrast there is no warning label for the species in Fly Predators and in almost 40 years of commercial use no known adverse effects. The species we ship are found throughout North America so you likely already have some. You’ve just never noticed them since they don’t bother people or animals or become a nuisance.

If you make Fly Predators and perhaps a little picking up, your primary fly control, the need to resort to pesticides can become occasional or even eliminated. Your animals will enjoy far fewer flies all the time rather than just after you spray them. Try Fly Predators this year and see what a difference it can make at your stable.

The optimum time to start for your area is when the daytime highs get into the 60’s. It’s always before the flies are a problem. By starting prior to the first fly hatch there will be relatively few viable fly pupae that survived the winter so the ratio of Fly Predators to fly pupae is high. This allows the Fly Predators to reduce the initial fly breeding population to a very low level which can mean fewer flies all summer. Then continue with Fly Predator shipments every three to four weeks stopping a month before the temps drop down into the low 60’s.

If you start after the pest flies have built up to high levels, an initial shipment of two to three times the normal Fly Predator quantity will be needed. Plus you can use the correct traps to get control of the fly population as quickly as possible.

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When you order 5 months we will double the quantity of Fly Predators in one of those months for free. Order 9 months and you’ll receive double the quantity for two months. Doubling the quantity of Fly Predators during the worst fly months helps ensure good fly control.

Proven Highly Effective For All Kinds of Animals

Our satisfied customers include the country’s largest equine facilities down to backyard horse owners as well as dairies, poultry farms, zoos, feedlots, competition grounds, fairs, and many more. While we ship the same bugs for different kinds of operations, how you use Fly Predators and manure management at a dairy or beef facility is different than a horse farm or a dog kennel. Questions about this? Call us at 1-800-560-1638.

Our 39th Year of Satisfied Customers

Since 1976 more horse owners have depended on Spalding Fly Predators than any other biological control provider. Many of our customers say they hardly see a fly all season. Once you get used to not having flies it’s hard to put up with them again.

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Our easy on-line order process takes only a minute to schedule a season of Fly Predators optimized for your location. You can pay-as-you-go and make changes or cancel at any time with no obligation for un-shipped shipments.

Get a Free Robert M. Miller DVM Book
rmmWith your Fly Predator shipment we’ll be happy to include at no charge a special and complete edition of Dr. Miller’s ground breaking book, Understanding The Ancient Secrets of The Horse’s Mind. Dr. Miller explains why horses act the way they do and how to use that knowledge to improve your horsemanship. This book is marvelous. Every horse person at any level will find in it valuable nuggets of “horse sense”. Please check the “Secrets Book” box when you order.